Christmas Accessories to wear

This collection is designed for those among us who take our passion for Christmas to the extreme and, in addition to Christmas jumpers, need all the festive accessories too — from Christmas earrings and to headbands

It’s said that happiness is found in the little things at Christmas, right? Well, we might have changed the saying a little, but if you’ve come this far it’s because we already know how much you love Christmas and all things Christmassy.

In this collection, you’ll find that extra little bit of Christmas for your day-to-day at the office or more special occasions, like Christmas Day itself. Christmas hats, earrings and headbands don’t go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter if your style is more subtle or flamboyant, some of us simply like to geek-out Christmas and take advantage of this wonderful season to wear Christmas accessories whenever we can.

Imagine your boss at the company Christmas party with a Christmas headband on and all your colleagues in Christmas hats. But no posting pictures on Instagram!

And if these Festive accessories don’t suit your style, well, they’ll be the perfect gift for someone in your family, or even for "Secret Santa" with your colleagues at work. A Santa hat is the perfect present for any Christmas lover to complete their Christmas outfit this festive season.


Christmas earrings are the perfect accessory

As we mentioned, if you like to enjoy Christmas in a more subtle and discreet style, Christmas earrings are a ‘must’ during the festive season. They add that Christmas touch to your everyday outfits without sacrificing formality and elegance.

Last year, we started with just a couple of models of Christmas earrings, but every year we’re working hard to expand the range so that, every Christmas, you have more options to choose from. We like to make it difficult for you...

In any case, if you’re just getting into the Christmas accessory trend, Christmas earrings are the best option we can offer you for your journey. Believe me, I was there just a couple of years ago, and now I have several models of Christmas earrings, 5 or 6 different Christmas socks, and a couple of Christmas headbands too. And of course, my little collection of Christmas jumpers.

If you live Christmas to the max like us and don’t know how to encourage your friend who’s a bit shy to join you, we recommend you start with some Christmas earrings, a headband, or a Santa hat. You’ll bring a smile to her face when she opens the gift, you’ll see.

And if you need to give a gift, it’s a great idea, as it’s both cheap and the kind of gift you don’t normally get every year.


Christmas headband and Christmas earrings: issue or answer?

I could make a long list of the pros and cons of wearing a Christmas headband when you’re with your entire family, but to keep things short, know this: I both wear a headband on the night and keep a spare in my handbag in case of emergencies or my brother-in-law urgently needs one. Too much, or you too?

For those of you who don’t like to attract the attention of a Christmas headband and your style is a little more subtle, our Christmas earrings are designed for people looking for an extra touch of Christmas styling, but in a more understated and elegant way. You can mix and match them however you like, as they’ll add that classy, Christmassy touch to any outfit — perfect for the festive season.

If you’re looking for more accessories to go with your Christmas hats and headbands, we recommend taking a look at the Christmas Socks and Christmas Underwear collections to really complete that “Christmas look”.

In the unlikely event that you’ve overlooked the more than 150 different Christmas jumper models we have in our shop, check out our collections of family Christmas jumpers and childrens Christmas jumpers that will go perfectly with your Christmas hat.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that for hygiene reasons, Christmas earrings cannot be returned or exchanged for another product.

Please remember that the most important thing is to keep up the Christmas spirit of this time of the year. Whether with your family or friends, with Christmas jumpers, pyjamas or socks, we hope you’ll make the most of this Christmas and have as much fun as us!

Merry Christmas!