Add some colour to your festive season with a Christmas Jumper

If you're still wondering what presents to buy for Christmas, why not give something different? Give a Christmas Jumper!

Christmas Jumpers are in fashion. You only need to look at every influencer on social media to realise that more and more people are following this Christmas fashion trend every year.

Although it's not entirely clear when Christmas Jumpers started to become fashionable, it seems that it all began in the 80s in the United States. While very few people may have worn them back then, when some celebrities started to do so, the Christmas Jumpers craze exploded. So much so that Christmas Jumpers crossed over the pond, and many of our European neighbours have long worn them.

At Christmas Jumpers, we wanted to create different types of Christmas jumpers, including Santa Claus jumpers, reindeer jumpers and our favourite "geeky" category, for both the most adventurous and the more timid. Our Christmas Jumpers range from the legendary Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, to fun Christmas Jumpers showing Santa Claus and Jesus celebrating Christmas together over a beer.

Christmas Jumpers are for all ages and genders, for anyone celebrating Christmas who wants to liven up a family dinner or a get-together with friends. Don't miss out on our range of family jumpers. What's more, kids love these Christmas Jumpers and are thrilled when they see adults dressed like them!

That's why we mustn't forget about our little ones. In our kids department, you'll find all our sweaters for boys and girls.

These Christmas Jumpers are comfy and cosy but, more importantly, they’re lots of fun. All our jumpers are unisex for men and women.

We hope you enjoy them!