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Classy Christmas Jumper

How to go from an Ugly Christmas Jumper to a Classy Christmas jumper without dying trying

The traditional Christmas jumper has always been known as the Ugly Christmas Jumper. And it makes sense, because the Ugly Christmas Jumper is known for outlandish and extravagant designs, full of colours and funny shapes. But watch out, because the classy Christmas jumper revolution it’s in full swing.

The Ugly Christmas Jumper has a long tradition in the USA, UK and Ireland among both the young and not-so-young. Wearing a Christmas jumper on Christmas Day is an essential part of the experience for so many of us. The excuse doesn’t matter, the important thing is to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your favourite Christmas jumper.


Why a Classy Christmas Jumper?

As we said, the Christmas jumper is a well-established tradition among families, companies and groups of friends. Because of this, we’re pushed to create bold new designs every Christmas. But it’s also true that some people are so passionate about Christmas that one Christmas jumper simply isn’t enough: they need 4 or 5 different models in their wardrobe. One for every occasion.

So, following your suggestions, and by popular demand, we’ve created a new collection of classy Christmas jumpers. In this collection, you’ll find designs that, without sacrificing that Christmas style, have that classy and subtle touch that means they can be worn at almost any time of the Christmas season (or, for that matter, the entire year). If you’re someone who hasn’t yet fully embraced the Ugly Christmas Jumper trend, a classy Christmas jumper is a great option to get you started with a good dose of Christmas spirit.

If you’re a Christmas jumper-lover and have only just met us, don’t miss the chance to have a look at our most popular collections, including our Family Christmas Jumper and Light Up Christmas Jumper. With such a large range, you can rest assured you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

And by the way, if you’re wondering about the quality of our classy Christmas jumpers, you won’t be disappointed. All of our Christmas jumpers are made to the same exact quality standards and with stringent controls.

Most of the models in this collection are made with acrylic fibres, but you can also find designs made with 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton, produced sustainably that respects the plantation ecosystem and minimises the carbon footprint in transport.

If you’re as passionate about sustainable fashion as we are, take a look at our collection of organic cotton Christmas jumpers and help us to continue working for nature and the environment.


The classy Christmas jumper goes perfectly with everything

One of the advantages of a classy Christmas jumper is that it goes perfectly with almost every outfit. Because they’re designed with patterns and colours that are very similar to regular jumpers, the classy Christmas jumper goes perfectly with, for example, your classic jeans, boots and jacket.

Because classy Christmas jumpers have a more minimalist approach, with subtle details that add a festive touch without being too flashy, they work perfectly with any winter outfit.

Whatever you choose, you can always have a look at our Christmas Accessories collection, where you’ll find the perfect items to pair with your Christmas jumper.

And here’s a tip: a pair of Christmas socks works beautifully with a classy Christmas jumper. They bring a festive yet fun touch to outfits, whether it’s for work or special occasions. But be careful, Christmas socks are that one accessory that sets true Christmas nuts apart from the rest of people. Keep this in mind before you take this step. There’s no turning back.

If after all this, you’re still not convinced by any of our classy Christmas jumpers, we recommend you check out our red Christmas jumper collections and the king of Christmas: the light up Christmas jumper. With these designs, you’re guaranteed to steal the show. You’ll steal the limelight at all Christmas parties.

Join the Classy Christmas Jumper trend and enjoy the Christmas season in a classy, fun and stylish way!

Merry Christmas!