Christmas boxers and lingerie

Wear Christmas 2023 on the outside and the inside with our Christmas underwear

There are lots of new additions to our Christmas catalogue this year. Naturally, we had to include Christmas socks and underwear, because Christmas should be worn on the outside and the inside.

We've added Christmas pants and boxers too, with designs for all tastes but each featuring Christmas colours. All of our Christmas underwear also comes with packaging that is multi-functional – such as mugs that you can use later to have a hot chocolate, or a beer mug, for those who prefer to skip the chocolate and go straight to the party, and of course little boxes you can use to store personal items.

Christmas boxers and lingerie are not only for wearing on Christmas Eve and they don't necessarily have to be red. You can put on these items any day at Christmastime, whether for a party with friends or to go to work. You decide how and when to wear our Christmas underwear.

Still not sure what gift to give this festive season? Don't worry, it happens to us all. We also leave our Christmas shopping to the last minute. What we are good at is making it super easy for you, as all of the items in this section are the perfect present for Secret Santa or a fun and original little gift for a loved one.

On another note, we can't forget to unwind after so many celebrations. We need to stop at some point. Even at night you can keep the Christmas spirit alive with our Christmas socks and, more importantly, our Christmas pyjamas. You'll soon see that next Christmas you'll be dreaming of reindeer instead of sheep, we guarantee it.

None of the products in this section can be exchanged or returned for hygiene reasons and due to the current health situation. All of our garments have normal sizing, so if you choose the size that you normally wear, you shouldn't have any problems.

We have limited stock of Christmas underwears, so hurry and don’t miss out!

Merry Christmas!