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Fun Christmas socks for this Christmas

Complete your festive look with our many styles of Christmas socks!

Go from Christmas stockings hanging on the mantelpiece, to Christmas socks to dress up or wear around the house

For the last few years, we’ve been seeing Christmas socks gain the prominence they rightly deserve — not only because they are so comfortable, but also because Christmas socks are the perfect accessory to turn your Christmas into something unique, fun and original.

Christmas stockings hanging above the fireplace are so typical of this time of year. We’ve seen them in films and TV series since forever, and they’ve been in our homes as Christmas decoration too.

Nowadays, wearing Christmas socks has become fashionable as well. Christmas socks have the same fabric as regular socks, but are designed with Christmas colours and patterns. Fluffy Christmas socks are also super comfy, super warm and super comfortable. They also have special Christmas designs and are thicker, so your feet won’t get cold. All of our Fluffy Christmas socks have rubber on the bottom so you won’t slip and can move around the house without slippers, meaning the little ones will love these socks!

And the not-so-little ones too. Christmas socks are the perfect gift for that Secret Santa with work colleagues or friends. They’re the perfect garment to awaken the Christmas spirit in that friend who always says don’t like Christmas that much.

If you still don’t know what to give as a Christmas present, in addition to any of our Christmas socks, we recommend you take a look at our collections of Christmas accessories and Christmas Tees, where you’re bound to find the perfect gift for the festive season.

Christmas socks have become a veritable Christmas tradition

Although Christmas socks are a fairly recent trend, in many homes, and among friends, they’ve become a ‘must-have’ every year. It’s no longer just about wearing your Christmas jumper on Christmas Eve or at the company Christmas party— more and more of us are taking that festive step forward and adding Christmas socks to our outfits.

As we’ve mentioned, Christmas socks can turn out to be one of the best Christmas gifts you can give, but they’re also becoming a part of many people’s everyday lives during the festive season. They blend perfectly the elegance and formality of everyday wear with the fun of the festive season.

In the week leading up to the big day, and for all the festive events, Christmas socks have become an essential. As the millennials sat, they’re ‘trending’.

Of course, one of the most fun ways to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas is to surprise your colleagues and boss by arriving at your meeting wearing your red, green and white reindeer and snowflake socks. And they’re also great, for example, for taking the kids out for an afternoon stroll in the park or going out for a drink with friends in the evening.

And by the way, remember to save the best pair of Christmas socks for Christmas Eve. Or for Christmas Day. Or better yet, make sure you have two favourite pairs of Christmas socks - don’t run the risk of being without your Christmas socks at Christmas!

This Christmas, you can match your Christmas jumper design with your Christmas socks too

Over the last few years, we've seen Christmas socks gain their deserved spot in the limelight. Finally! And it's not just because they're comfy; it's also because Christmas socks are the perfect addition to make your Christmas different, fun and original.

It's clear that more and more people are wearing fun multi-coloured socks instead of the typical dull, boring socks. Wearing bold socks is becoming a strange yet fun fashion trend that we see every day at work, at parties or even on TV.

We don't want to be left out, so by popular demand, this year we're offering over 15 new models of Christmas socks. Many of them are designed to match the Christmas jumpers we already have in our collection. If you like to be matching in your Christmas get-up, then check out our selection of mens and womens jumpers before choosing your socks.

If you go all out at Christmas like us, this year you'll also be able to have the whole family matching with identical family Christmas jumpers and Christmas socks. Just imagine what it'll be like on Christmas Eve with the family all gathered together in matching outfits.

You may well get overwhelmed with the choices on offer. But don't worry, it's normal. We have Christmas socks to suit all tastes, including simpler designs with Christmas trees or reindeer and even others with Santa Claus. One of the newest additions to our catalogue this year are our socks made from 100% cotton, which will keep your feet nice and warm over Christmas.

On another note, we can't forget to unwind after so many celebrations. We need to stop at some point. Even at night you can keep the Christmas spirit alive with our Christmas underwear and, more importantly, our Christmas pyjamas. You'll soon see that next Christmas you'll be dreaming of reindeer instead of sheep, we guarantee it.

None of the products in this section can be exchanged or returned for hygiene reasons and due to the current health situation. All of our garments have normal sizing, so if you choose the size that you normally wear, you shouldn't have any problems.

We have limited stock of Christmas socks, so hurry and don’t miss out!

Merry Christmas!