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Red Christmas Jumper

The red Christmas jumper never goes out of fashion and is always a sure bet for Christmas. Year after year, it’s the most popular and sought-after colour.

Ever wondered why red is the colour of Christmas? The famous carol sings of a “White Christmas”, but head out to the street any day of December, and you’ll see that red prevails on the decorations of houses and shops.

Green is also significant during Christmas, with Santa’s elves sporting the colour and even Santa himself (supposedly) wearing green until Coca-Cola changed it to red in the 1930s for the sake of advertising. But is this the real reason red is the most popular colour at Christmas?

Some theories seem to place the origin of red and green as Christmas icons as early as the Middle Ages. So far, however, these are only theories. The most striking one refers to the red and green colour found in nature during the winter.


It’s not really winter until Christmas Day

Officially, the first day of winter is the 21st of December (the day of the winter solstice), which ushers in the coldest months of the year. It’s no coincidence that most trees and plants look a little gloomy during winter, as it’s during these months we get the fewest hours of daylight of the year.

However, the few plants that dare to flower in winter do so with bright red leaves and fruit. And they usually do so in the days around Christmas, don’t they? Their evergreen leaves also seem to have a special glow at this time of year. These two facts are the basis for the theory that the Christmas colours come from nature.

You can see perfect examples in plants like mistletoe, holly and poinsettias, which have traditionally been especially useful when decorating homes at Christmas.

However, it would be fair to say that the colour red is perfect for Christmas today: an eye-catching colour that carries a lot of weight in the marketing world. A red advertising poster won’t go unnoticed, but a white one, for example, is less of an eye-catcher.


So, a red Christmas jumper or a green Christmas jumper?

Every year, red Christmas jumper designs are the most requested and popular. There’s no doubt about it: people are “all in” for red. Whether it’s for yourself or your entire family, the red Christmas jumper is almost always the most sought-after (and the one that sells out the fastest).

It’s true that some people prefer a green Christmas jumper to a red one. The Christmas “purists”. Those looking for an option a little less flashy, but still with a festive touch. If this sounds like you, we recommend you have a look at our collection of Classy Christmas jumpers.

Some colours are in style every single year. Blue and black, for example. They’re still a long way from overtaking the red Christmas jumper as number one, but every Christmas we receive a host of suggestions with ideas for new designs in which these colours are gaining certain prominence.

However, we always recommend that if you’ve decided to take the plunge into the Christmas jumper trend this year, you should do so with a red Christmas jumper. For all the reasons we’ve mentioned above, and, why not, maybe just because red happens to be your favourite colour. If this is your case, and you’ve only just found out about us, make sure to have a look at our family Christmas jumper collections and, of course, the king of Christmas: the light up Christmas jumper.

In the unlikely event that you don’t like any of our red Christmas jumpers, don’t worry because you can also choose from red Christmas t-shirts, red Christmas sweatshirts, and even red Christmas pyjamas. We couldn’t make it easier for you to complete your 100% Christmas outfit this holiday season.

If you have any doubts about the sizes of any of our red Christmas Jumpers, you can check the size guide next to the size selector. There, you can see the measurements of each size, as well as images of real people wearing our Christmas jumpers.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via email or by filling out the contact form on our website. We’ll be happy to help, and promise to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Join the red Christmas Jumper trend and enjoy Christmas this year in a fun and different way!

Merry Christmas!