What would Christmas be without Christmas hats?

Do you know where the traditional Santa hat comes from?

I’m sure you’ve heard the story that it was Coca-Cola who first dressed Father Christmas in red, and that until the 1930s he wore green, right? You see, the magic of Christmas and advertising are an unstoppable combination.

Although there is no precise origin, our dear friend Santa has his roots in Saint Nicholas of Bari, a Christian saint known for his generosity and devotion to children who (spoiler alert!) always wore a tunic and a hat, although not necessarily always red.

The red Christmas hat with the white border apparently comes from a traditional winter costume worn by Nordic and Scandinavian communities, where people used to wear red coats and hats with a white border to protect themselves from the cold.

Thanks to cultural influences between countries and the passing of time, the Christmas hat has become the most iconic Christmas item. Not that we have anything against the Christmas tree, but it would be a bit difficult to carry it with you everywhere you go, wouldn’t it?

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