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The collection that's always on special offer

Bag yourself a Christmas jumper for less!

Thanks to our outlet section, you can find Christmas jumpers on special offer from our best-selling collections, at the lowest price ever

Our outlet department was created with one ambition: to always be on trend.

While most companies' outlets are filled with items from previous seasons, we wanted to change this after asking ourselves one simple question – why not improve our best-selling jumpers even more?

To continue our process of constant improvement, in 2021 we began gathering extremely valuable information thanks to all of your opinions. As a result, we realised that one of Christmas Jumpers' strengths is its catalogue. Each item is unique and can't be found in other shops. We strive to innovate and design exceptional products to create that fun and special time of the year.

We do our best to achieve this – whether it's with our light-up jumpers or our obsession with improving the environment. Year on year, for example, we promote and create more Christmas jumper designs made from organic cotton.

That's why, as part of these efforts at Christmas Jumpers, we decided to take our best-selling jumpers each year and improve every aspect of them. The finish, the material, the collar, the sleeves – every detail is important. In fact, we've also brought out a version made solely from organic cotton. This means we can shift the synthetic version to the outlet and, therefore, gradually move towards a new generation of organic jumpers, working in harmony with the environment and becoming a little more sustainable every day.

So the point we're trying to make is that purchasing a Christmas jumper from our outlet doesn't mean that you're buying a discontinued or undersold item. Quite the opposite! You're actually getting last year's, and likely this year's, best-selling jumper at a reduced price. That's because our outlet jumpers are always on offer, while stocks last.

We hope you like our outlet jumpers, but if you've got this far and haven't yet seen our catalogue, check out our sections for women, men, couples, family and last but by no means least, kids.

We wish you a fantastic Christmas and hope we've been able to help fill the time spent with family and friends with fun and laughter.

Merry Christmas!